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EarthMat Limited is a mulch-weed mat solution. Our products are NZ made in the mighty Waikato. It is organic, compostable and biodegradable! An all-around environmentally friendly product.

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We are a small family owned and operated business. In 2014 a suitable property was purchased just out of Huntly, North Waikato. With the vision of having a fully biodegradable, non toxic, organic weed - mulch mat laminate made from recycling waste paper the manufacturing plant design and assembly was under way.                                                    The plan was 2 years to have the manufacturing plant operational and following 2 years for product R & D, testing. Earthmat with polymer based binder was introduced to the market, then an unforeseen damp storage environment issue affected the presentation and laminate strength.                                                                                                  Earthmat production ceased and we went back to the drawing board.     2 1/2 years of new trials, R & D, storage and field testing we are back.  This product totally meets our performance expectations and we are proud to bring this Earthmat to market.  

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