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Earthmat is a 3 layer laminate, the outer layers are 40gsm brown bag kraft paper, middle layer is shredded document destruction paper. The laminating process uses corn starch to bind the layers together, much like corrugated cardboard.

Earthmat Ltd operates its own document destruction collection business to ensure quality control with this recycled paper which comprises 52% of the mat weight.

The corn starch is product which has been rejected from its original intended use because of damaged bags, ripped bag handles, human food manufacture expiry date, etc which would be otherwise dumped. This recycled product comprises 32% of the mat weight

Earthmat is manufactured from 84% recycled product, which then biodegrades back into the soil completing the sustainable cycle. A GREAT ENVIRONMENTAL WIN. 

  • WHY NOT JUST USE NEWSPAPER ?                                                        To achieve 500 gsm in a bound matrix you would have to put down many individual criss-cross layers that would take some time compared to laying one Earthmat sheet. Newsprint contains heavy metals such as As, Cd, Cr, Cu, Ni, Pb, Zn which will leach into the soil.


The most frequent asked question is how long does the Earthmat Mulch-Weed mat last ? This is dependent on the environment, climate and exposure it has to deal with. Extreme constant  exposure to sun - wind / moisture – water / garden pests left unchecked (slugs, snails, earwigs ect) / foot traffic will have an effect on the performance cycle and life time. A suggested  broad average would be 1-2 years in a sheltered environment to 6-12 months laid under green mulch or direct exposure to high sun, wind, rain conditions.

Performs best under dry mulch i.e. Bark or wood chip, extends the life of the dry mulch while allowing the soil to breath                                                      Enhancing soil quality and nutrition by improving the air and water movement through the soil. Provides moist conditions beneath the mat promoting micro – organisms and worm populations, thus promoting stronger plant and crop growth rates                                                                                             

Earthmat will completely break down over time, leaving neither harmful residual evidence nor contaminants of any type in the soil while at the same time enchancing the feeding organic matter to the soil during biodegradation.

  • HOW TO PREPARE YOUR GARDEN BED / PLANTING SITE                       Short cuts with ground preparation will affect  performance and shorten the Earthmat mulch-weed mat life. Ideally install Earthmat on a day with no wind. The mat has to have ground contact to interact with the soils bio-cycle. Water cultivated soil to saturation point before laying. Fill dug holes with water to soak. Earthmat can tear easily when wet so lay as you plant and place mulch on top as soon as you can. When laying on grass/foliage cut close to the ground and clean off the loose foliage.  Pin down with Earthmat Pins without stretching to allow the mat to follow the ground contour or cover with a mimimum of 100mm mulch, bark ect.                       

  • EARTHMAT PINS - WHY THEY BIODEGRADE.                                    Epins are moulded from ingeo biopolymer - a polylactic acid. Lactic acid is widely found in nature. Moisture and heat weaken the biopolymer, splitting the polymer chain particles down to lactic acid. A large number of organisms ( fungi, bacteria ) then metabolize the lactic acid to eventually process into carbon dioxide, water and humus, benefiting the soil organic matter.