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EMTH Earthmat Tree Hut

EMTH Earthmat Tree Hut

300mm High x 100mm square protector sleeve

Made from recycled card pulp, coated with food safe water barrier and are 100% biodegradable.


Clever multiple options for application with 4 folding bottom flaps.

- Hold in place with pins: - 2 x  100mm flaps fold out with centre hole for Earthmat EPIN


- Hold in place with 1 stake - 2 push in slots on 1 corner to slide a stake down.


- 2 x 50mm flaps fold in with centre cutout for plant  - built in weed mat.                                                            Or fold out to aid sleeve stability.


-High wind areas use 1 stake and 2 EPIN to keep protector sleeve secure.


Minimum order is 5 Tree Hut sleeves



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